How to Set up Netflix on Computer then Hook Up to HDTV?

Way to the Hook up Plan Netflix On HDTV

How to Set up Netflix on Computer : Netflix has attracted majority of group who are fond of watching online movies and TV shows episodes at their own convenience. Go to the home page and  how to set up netflix on computer.

They provide DVDs of movies to all its subscriber on rental basis and looking at this many company came into existence who produced products which help in connecting Netflix to your HDTV and by this it became very easy for all its subscriber to watch their favorite movie on HDTV but for the same you just need to have Audio/Video cables.

In some case now HDTV are Internet-ready and there is Ethernet port which is connected to home broadband internet service  by which it become easy to stream videos on HDTV through Netflix.


In case you have Internet Ready –HDTV:

  1. Do the Power on of your HDTV and connect the same with a network. It depends on your own HDTV whether it required wired connection or wireless and then accordingly connects the network to HDTV.
  2. Now get the Netflix logo and locate the same on your TV screen and then start the service by entering your email id and password by which you will get the activation code, once you get the activation code keep in record that code.
  3. Log in to your Netflix on your computer and clikc the icon stating “your account and help” and there in the activation page type that activation code, now your HDTV is connected to Netflix and you can access Netflix movies on your HDTV.

Connecting through Media player:

  1. Choose the media player which connect and support Netflix and then connect that media player with your network
  2. Now connect the media player with the HDTV via HDMI or composite cables and then do the power on of your TV and media player to proceed further.
  3. Try to find the Netflix application on your media player by consulting the owner’s guide and then locate the same on the media player interface
  4. Once the Netflix is ready to proceed on media player open the Netflix application and sign in to your Netflix account on TV and type the activation code which comes on the screen.
  5. Now finally sign in to Netflix on your computer and visit the setting page and type the activation code on your media player and thereafter you can watch Netflix movies on your HDTV.
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