How to Login to Netflix With PS3/PS4 and on Xbox

Login to Netflix With PS3/PS4 and on Xbox

Netflix PS3/PS4 Login: It is one of the well-known companies which provide online service to all its users to stream all the movies and other TV shows from the website. They keep on updating new movies on the site so that users get the benefit of streaming all the new movies easily.

Netflix have numbers of different application and services and out of all they have two well-known applications of PS3/PS4 and Xbox, with this PS3/PS4 application user doesn’t need any disc to watch movies but he can easily installed the same to the PS3 and PS4 hard drive. And one can also login to Netflix through Xbox where one doesn’t need any username or password but he just needs the activation code which he will get when he will start the process on his own console.

How to Login to Netflix through the PS3                                                                           

In order to avail the benefit of this application one need to have the Netflix account and with this one can easily avail all the different benefits of the PS3 applications.


On PS3 XMB main menu click the icon stating “video”

There on the screen choose the “Netflix and there press the button “X”

There they will ask whether you have installed the Netflix application or not, if in case you have not installed the Netflix application then in that case choose the icon “yes” in order to install the application of Netflix

After you have installed enter the email address and password with the help of on-screen keyboard.

Now click the button stating “Sign in “ and press the “X” and if you have not yet signed into the play station Network account , you will be directed to sign in order to avail the benefit of Netflix main menu.

How to Login to Netflix through the PS4

The steps to use Netflix with PS4:
Follow these steps after connecting PSN:
• Select TV&Video from the Home and select D-Pad of the controller
• Select Netflix and press “X” button
• Choose Download and press “X” button
• And now return to TV&Video Screen press the PS button
 After finishes downloading,  PS4 will automatically install and Netflix is ready to be used.  

How to login to Netflix through the Xbox

Create the Xbox Live Gold account by visiting the website and then Log In into the same

Now under the Dashboard menu choose the “Video Marketplace” section and if one is in game menu then, in that case, click the button stating “y

Now on the right-hand side select the button marked with “Netflix

Click on the icon “yes, I am” in order to state that you are having Netflix account and for those who don’t have any Netflix account they can also create the same.

Now there your console will provide you the activation code save the same and keep your console power on.

Now go the and sign in to Netflix accounts

Now you have to provide the activation code which was displayed on Xbox’s and then press the button marked with “Activate Now” once the process is over you can start loading “Instant Queue“.

Now you can enjoy your Netflix.

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