How to Unhide Apps on iPhone 7?

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How to Unhide Apps on iPhone 7?

How to Unhide Apps on iPhone 7: The iPhone houses a number of apps across multiple screens. Each page holds 16 apps. There can be 11 such pages. You can also create folders that can house several apps. You can hide as well as unhide apps, music, movies, audiobooks, video content, etc you have purchased from all the devices that share the same Apple ID.

How to Unhide Apps on iPhone 7

How to Hide Apps on iPhone 7

It is simple to hide the apps on your iPhone 7. Following given are the steps on how to hide apps:

  1. Fill your home screen with apps you have.
  2. Put all the apps that you want to hide in a folder in the dock.
  3. Double press the home button and the folder in which you have placed the apps you want to hide. It will open up the app switcher.
  4. Go to the home screen. Tap the folder which holds apps to hide.
  5. Again go back to the home screen. Then press the home button.

This is all! It will hide all the apps in the folder. You can also hide specific apps rather than the complete folder. The apps will remain hidden till you reboot your device. The apps will reappear in case you reboot your device.

How to unhide Apps on iPhone 7

It is easy to unhide apps on your iPhone 7.

  1. Open the folder in which you have hidden the app.
  2. Tap on the app which you want to hide. When the app icon starts shaking, drag it out of the folder.
  3. Move it to the screen wherever you want.

Your apps are back; you can use the app as usual. You can also run the hidden app using spotlight search. On the home screen, swipe right to the home screen to display the spotlight search. Type the name of the app in the search box, if found, the app will be displayed. To run it, just tap on it. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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