How do I get a Free Credit Report Online by Mail or by Phone

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Free Credit Report Online

Free Credit Report Online: You as a customer might definitely think of free annual credit report of the companies you are in. There are three nationwide credit reporting companies which are mainly known as, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

All the companies are to provide their customers a free credit report which is directed to them by Federal Trade Commission of the United States.

If you as a consumer want to get a free annual credit report then you simply can visit Enter all your details to get a copy.

The same is very beneficial for everyone who wants it. The credit report provides the latest and accurate credit information which is very important for their process of credit, insurance, employment, and home renting.

The same is a tool to monitor their credit and spot identity theft. One must be sure before using the same tool.

How Can You Request a Free annual Credit Report?

We are required with:

  • A computer with active access to the Internet access is required.
  • You will be in need of some of your personal details to complete the process. The same will include your name, date of birth, Social Security Number, current address, and so on.

Step By Step Guide

  • Switch on the computers by simply pressing the power button.
  • When it is ready to use, click on the browser you want to work with by simply double clicking on it.
  • Now on the address bar of the browser, visit the official website of Federal Trade Commission-FREE Annual Credit Reports by writing their address i.e.
  • Now when the page gets opened, on the top of the webpage, click on the link marked as “”, now choose from which state are you from and click on “Request Report”.
  • After the last step, enter your personal information into the fields where it is required, and then click on button marked as “CONTINUE”.
  • Now to complete the rest of the process, you simply follow the instructions and then enjoy the same. The whole process is quite simple and takes very less of time.

You can get details to your questions by simply by Frequently Asked Questions on official website.

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