Tennis Magazine 2022: Tennis Magazine Gift Subscription

Tennis Magazine 2022: Tennis Magazine Gift Subscription

It is always exciting to receive a gift! And when the gift is something like a subscription to a magazine of your liking, then the excitement gets doubled. It becomes very easier to gift such things if the subscription can be made online.

If your friend loves Tennis and likes to remain updated about the latest game, you can make subscribe to it using the Tennis gift subscription service provided by Many readers also searching for discount codes.

Tennis Magazine 2022

It helps connect people who share an interest in tennis. You need to submit an order online just by providing the gift recipient’s information and payment details. For one year’s subscription, you have to pay $15 for the USA, $35 for Canada, and $50 for the International.

Once the order is submitted and processed, the person you have gifted starts receiving a Tennis magazine online and gets to love tennis much more and will get informed about the latest events and happenings about tennis.

About TENNIS Magazine

TENNIS Magazine is a sports magazine in the United States. It was founded way back in 1954 and is based in New York. It publishes 8 issues a year that covers articles about the events and active players of Tennis, summaries of future tournaments and their participants, recent ranking for ATP and WTA, etc. from all over the world. Miller Publishing Group owns it and they have leading Tennis players and coaches as consultants and they contribute significantly.

The magazine has become very popular in the US and has reached a circulation of more than 600,000 copies. One can subscribe to the magazine online at the official website of the company.

How Can You Give a Tennis gift Subscription Online?


  • You must have a computer with access to the internet.
  • You need to provide the Gift recipient information and payment details.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Visit the homepage of
  • Go to the link “Give A Gift” under the section “TENNIS MAGAZINE” displayed at the bottom right of the web page.
  • Enter the gift recipient’s information such as name, address, city/state, zip code, email, etc., and payment details such as name, address, zip code, email, etc. and payment details into the required fields and then click on the “SUBMIT ORDER” button.
  • For any further information, you can refer to the Customer Service page. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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