Gfycat Gif Maker Login – How to Use Gfycat on Reddit

Gfycat Login – Upload Gif – How to Use Reddit App

Gfycat provides gif hosting with 8 times faster speed than normal video having unlimited size. You can play the video in reverse, slow motion, fast speed or even pause frame by frame. Here we will discuss on Gfycat gif maker login.

Gfycat on Reddit

Though the video is delivered in gif format, it picks up the best format that your browser can view. The user can only choose to view gif only. Gfycat delivers the fastest video and is backed by Amazon’s rock solid cloud front. The server is designed so simply that loading doesn’t fail at any point. It is integrated with Reddit Enhancement Suite and it allows playing gfy without leaving reddit and clicking on the Play button.

What is gfy?

GFY is an abbreviated form of “GIF Format Yorker”. It is a short and soundless video moment having gif as one of the available format. gfy bridges the gap between gif and html5 video by offering faster delivery and playback options. It follows looping technique and wonderful as it plays everywhere without any load flash. It uses concise content and it is in between a still image and video. It catches moments you can cherish! It hosts plain gif and yokes with the newer format wherever possible to make faster delivery.

How can gif be embedded or linked?

There are several ways to choose from.

  • For pure gif hosting, raw gif can be linked. To do so, click on the “link” button to get the direct embed codes.
  • You can use the iframe embed code. For that, click on the “link” button displayed on the top right corner.
  • To embed a gfy object automatically, you can use the embed code provided. It will use the format according to user capability.

What is “Ignore Existing” mean?

Gfycat keeps a reference of every upload. So if you try to convert a same file that is already converted, it directs you to the already converted one. But if you want to reconvert it, then you can choose the “Ignore Existing” option to create a new link.

How to pause, reverse or change the playback speed?

  • To display controls,
  • Move your mouse over gfy area.
  • Move the mouse over the pull tab in the bottom right corner. A blue panel showing the controls for pause, reverse playback, increase speed, decrease speed etc. is displayed. By right clicking on the video, browser displays scrubbing controls.

What is do not Resize?

When a large video is uploaded, gfy usually resizes it. But sometimes, the user is sharing large clips for some specific reason. So, you have a choice to ask gfycat not to resize it. Be careful while choose this, as it will take time to load long video.

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