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How to Get Hurricane Florence Alerts on Your Phone or

Tracking Hurricane online/ Get Florence Alerts on Phone: Hurricane Florence hits the South East Coast of United States, North Carolina and South Carolina faces massive evacuation order. The massive storm poses deadly threats to the coastal states and there is a fear in the residents of the area affected. The storm has reached category 4. It may reach up to category 5 on Thursday. The worst effect will be felt on Thursday night or Friday. The storm is likely to make landfall Thursday night followed torrential rain causing devastation. You can check more details and alerts on; this is the official website of National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Tracking Hurricane on nhc-noaa-gov
Hurricane Florence Path

Residents are put on the alert. They can get the Hurricane Florence Alerts on their mobile phone so that no life can be under danger and life saving measures can be taken in advance to save from the devastating effects of the storm.

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If you want to know recent category and track current status of Hurricane Florence then please visit the official page, you also get latest alerts on weather forecast through your mobile app on Smartphone.

Hurricane Florence Alerts on Your Phone

Hurricane Florence Alerts on Your PhoneAn emergency alert about Hurricane Florence’s arrival has been rolled out by the Florence County people can sign up online through ‘Ever Bridg’ at You just sign in to your account and sign up for an emergency alert program. And you will receive an emergency alert through email and text messages on your phone. This will provide critical information on severe weather, evacuations of buildings or neighbourhoods, evacuations of buildings or neighbourhoods and more.

Any major information and alerts about the storm Hurricane Florence will be pushed to all concerned via email, text or telephone call. Public Information Officer Levi James lays stress on importance of communication with the community, among themselves, other first responders and local hospitals. They are also prepared with what-to-do list and gathered resources to handle the emergency situation.

Moreover, you can always check weather forecasts from National Hurricane Center. The fierce Hurricane Florence brings high waves and strong winds followed by torrential rain and flooding due to the rain which can affect several states. Everyone that comes under the effect of it must not underestimate the storm and remain alert so life damage can be avoided.

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