Get Free Xbox with Windows 10 Student Deal: College Students Edition Price

Get Free Xbox with Windows 10 Student Deal: College Students Edition Price

Get Free Xbox with Windows 10 Student Deal: All the students in higher education need computers for different educational purposes and when they buy computers, they like to get the best deals. Some of the computer vendors understand students’ requirements and with a view to helping them, it provides good deals, especially for them.

Microsoft also cares about the students and has offered a great deal to the students heading to college this fall. The company offers a free Xbox 360 gaming console with the purchase of any PC that has a Windows operating system installed and has about cost of over $699.

windows 10 student deal

What Is The Windows Student Deal?

Microsoft is the world’s largest home PC and software vendor and also likes to work for community welfare. With a view to encourage the students and also to appreciate the student customers as well as to promote the new operating system Windows 10, Microsoft has come up with a student deal and as a part of the deal, you get a free Xbox for purchasing a PC qualifying for the deal. If you have already Xbox with you or if don’t want one, then there is an alternate offer. You get a 10% discount on the purchase. The deal is for a limited time period only and will end very soon. So, if you are planning to buy one then be quick and grab the opportunity.

With a PC and an Xbox, you are equipped for the best of the education as well as you can have fun also.

How To Get A Free Xbox with The Windows 10 Student Deal?


  • You must have a computer with access to the internet.
  • You must be living in the United States.
  • You must be in the age group 16 to 19.
  • You need to verify as a student via a .edu email address or a student ID.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Windows Student Deals website at and then go to the “Shop Now” button.
  2. If you want to buy online then choose an online store from which you would like to buy your PC, go to the store’s logo. Choose a PC and complete the purchase following all the instructions.
  3. If you want to buy from a local store then use the tool provided to locate the store nearest to you. Do not forget to take your student ID when you go for a purchase. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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Disclosure: Please check the official website of Microsoft for any confirmed offer or deal. This offer may be very old or expired.