Walmart Cash Refund Check: Can you Cash a Tax Return Check at Walmart?

Walmart Cash Refund Check: Can you Cash a Tax Return Check at Walmart?

Walmart Cash Refund Check: Walmart has been a leading store in the retail sector. It has entered financial services and expanded it. Here we will discuss on tax return service of Walmart. It has opened MoneyCenters and offers many bank services too through GoBank.

It has also offered tax refunds up to $7,500 that’s too in cash. This will be offered in around 3000 stores across the US. An additional benefit is that customers will not be charged for the same.

For this service, customers filling tax through paid prepare electronically will be eligible. On the other hand, individuals preparing and filing their own taxes will not be eligible. Tax preparers will be charged a $7 fee at the time of filing. It is also important to note that Walmart charges $3 for cash paper checks under $1,000 and $6 for checks up to $7,500.

A tax preparation service has been offered by Walmart in many of its own stores. Jackson Hewitt, a tax preparation chain, is associated with Walmart for a long time. Jackson Hewitt has many stalls in Walmart stores.

Now when Walmart has started the tax refund services it has now also tied up with Green Dot’s TaxProducts Group and the Republic Bank and Trust Company. This tie-up will provide customers with many tax-related services including tax preparations.

Walmart knows exactly that tax refunds is the highest payout that its customer gets in a year which usually exceeds regular checks. It is also important to note that tax refund season is the same duration as to when a store like Walmart has very less sales. Hence Walmart thinks these cash refunds can be converted into immediate sales.

Most of the customers of Walmart are unbanked due to high fees for bank accounts. According to Walmart once the tax is filed electronically, it will take around a week for customers to receive tax refund. This is almost the same time for the taxpayer if he chooses to pay through a bank account.

Hence what Walmart is doing is that it is helping out its major customers with their banking needs which is sure to increase customers’ loyalty towards the stores and in return increase the sales too.

Can you Cash a Tax Return Check at Walmart?

Walmart also launched a money transfer service in 2014. According to the company, this service will be a great help to its low-income customers and they will have to pay around 40% less as compared to other service providers.

In the same year in autumn, Green Dot, an expert in offering prepaid cards that can be reloaded, started offering Walmart customers mobile checking accounts.

Walmart also got associated with a vendor and started helping its customers to compare health insurance in its store.

Walmart, after leading in the retail sector is doing really well in financial services. Its main target is its low-income customers, to whom they want to provide banking services at really affordable prices. In return, the customers will surely have their loyalty to the store and hence the sales will also go up. Both the sides are getting benefits, what is better than this. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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