Fix a Slow iPhone with Battery Health Tool – Speed Up iPhone

Apple is Releasing a New Battery Tool to Fix Your Slow iPhone

With a view to help iPhone users fix slow iPhone issues, Apple has released a new Battery Health tool. The new Battery tool is included in its new iOS version 11.3. Earlier Apple had confirmed that it had slowed down aging iPhones to help preserve battery life. No with this new tool, users will be offered a choice whether to want to speed up performance or leave it to default slow performance.

Apple is Releasing a New Battery ToolCurrently, a beta version of the battery tool has been included in the new operating system just released. The Battery Health tool tells how well your battery is functioning and whether on your device the speed-slowing power management feature is activated or not. If the feature is turned on, you can turn it off if you want. However, it will be automatically be turned off the battery health issue arises. When you update your iOS, the feature is off. It can be automatically being turned on if unexpected shutdown occurs.

The Battery Health Tool

The Battery Health tool is available on iPhone models iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later. In order to use this tool,

• Go to ‘Settings’ menu on your device.

• Select ‘Battery’ section.

• A new page will be displayed which includes:

Percetage reading: Percentage reading which shows maximum capacity of your battery; it will also include a note which explains current performance capability.

Performance Management: It also displays whether performance management is enabled or disabled. To disable it, you turn Disable button on.

If the tool indicates that if power source of your aging battery is diminished, you can restore some functions of it with the Apple’s Battery Fix, which is available for $29. Apple made the battery fix available last year.

iPhone Battery Performance

One of the important factors in performance of a smartphone is its battery. iPhones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries and Apple employs advanced technology for its battery to deliver better performance and functionality. The lithium-ion battery charges faster and has a longer life. However, various parameters affect its performance and batteries do have limited life span. Its performance degrades over time and may need replacement too.

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