Life Insurance Calculator: To Knowing Exact Need Get Quotes

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Life Insurance Calculator: To Knowing Exact Need Get Quotes

Life Insurance Calculator: Find a life insurance calculator to know the exact need of a single person. Let’s check how much life insurance do I need rule of thumb and quotes. It is the parent’s responsibility to protect children’s health with health insurance plans. Many families ignore the need for health insurance and put it at the end of the cost list.

According to a survey made by LIMRA, life insurance, and financial services association, 30 percent of U.S. households have no life insurance, and around 50 percent of people think that they need more life insurance. About 86 percent say they have not purchased it because it is more expensive than it should.

Life Insurance CalculatorMore than 50 percent of surveyed people say that their basic needs such as food, clothing, education, transportation, and electricity cost are so high that in spite of wishing to buy health insurance, they can’t. Here, we have some points to discuss.

Here we will discuss how much life insurance I need a calculator. While figuring out the insurance amount, keep in mind that if you do not receive any income then what would happen? Always think about your loved ones and family. According to the CUNA Mutual Group, one should buy life insurance equal to 5 to 7 times more than the income earned. Though it is not the proper way to calculate, it seems easy way.

Many websites also help to calculate the amount of health insurance. There are some well-known websites that have an accurate calculator according to the family’s needs.


This website provides a life insurance calculator that helps people to calculate accurately the amount of an insurance policy. It compares potential expenses and savings for all events from college expenses to funeral costs, from mortgage to current savings, investments, and retirement funds.

2) CUNA:

CUNA is a Mutual Group Company and has its own website to calculate insurance as per need and savings. It is more indicative and estimates individually.

3) MassMutual:

MassMutual is a giant group of Mutual Fund investments and measures all economic contributions towards family (over a course of employment) by a special tool known as the Lifetime Economic Value tool. it needs only income and age to calculate. The method is quite simple. For example, 40 years old man is making $60,000 and plans to retire at age of 65.

Then he would need an estimated $1,151,761 to protect his or her family. More information such as employer provident, retirement plans and personal service makes the more accurate calculations.

The above sites do not give an exact idea or any magical formula about the amount of insurance they also can help in a much better way. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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