Fannie Mae HomePath Property Login – Search Foreclosed Homes for Sale

Fannie Mae HomePath Property & Foreclosed Homes for Sale

Find the Right Home for You using HomePath is a name well known in the name of real estate. The company offers you with a great service which helps their customers to choose a right home for themselves.

fannie mae foreclosed homes for sale

The same is a subsidy of Fannie Mae. Here we will discuss on Fannie Mae HomePath property sign in and search foreclosed homes for sale. You as a customer can choose between price range and desired location and size of the home.

The properties which are normally repossessed are listed here. Once appropriate home gets selected, Fannie Mae finances the same.

The website site i.e. HomePath is easy, convenient service that needs no major learning. The home can be searched by filtering your search result, the same may include location, your minimum and maximum price, the size of the place you would like to buy, even the style of the house itself.

To use Fannie Mae HomePath Property & Foreclosed Homes for Sale service, the same is written below.

How can you find homes that fit your price range and desired location at HomePath?

We are required with:

  • A computer with active access to the internet connection is required.
  • You must be known to where you wish you buy a home.

Step By Step Guide

  • Switch on the computers.
  • When it is ready to use, double click on the browser you would like to work with.
  • Now on the address bar, write down the address of HomePath to visit their website at link i.e. and then press enter.
  • Here now you need to enter all the details on the website i.e. like zip code, state, city, or address of the area in which you would like to buy a home, here you also have to describe that what is your budget i.e. you have to choose same from the drop down menu. Be sure to describe the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you would like in the home. When all the details are filled, then finally, click on the button marked, “Search.”
  • The search here begins and then you can select the one home you feel interested in, all this is to be done by clicking on the picture of the house.
  • Give a look to the information of the house provided, if you feel like you are interested in the property, you can simply make an offer on this property, you can click on the button marked, “Make an Offer” to do same.
  • Complete the rest of process as directed on the website.

For more information about the HomePath website or financing a home through Fannie Mae i.e. if there is any question that you would like to get an answer of, you can visit the official website.

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