Elvis, Jurassic World Dominion: Can’t Wait To See The New Movie? Stream It From Home This Weekend!

This week’s list of new releases for home viewing comes in the form of Elvis, Baz Luhrmann’s ode to Elvis Presley touted as an outrageous film.

If you want to watch it instead, think about looking at the actor Elvis’s best films or other artists’ movies about musicians.

Beyond the good news from the King this week, we also keep you updated on the latest Jurassic World movie, starring Chris Pratt, which is bound to release on the big screen here at Peacock.

Also, we are awaiting the streaming debut of a Blazing Saddles knockoff (yes, we can’t believe we’re actualizing that notion), as well as seeing beyond this week.

Everything new is available to watch at home this weekend.


Where to watch: Available to stream on HBO Max

Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 biopic chronicles the life of American music icon Elvis Presley (Austin Butler) from childhood singing in a small church choir to his performance as a rock legend.

Tom Hanks co-stars as Elvis’ manager, Col. Tom Parker, a controversial and inscrutable foil to Elvis who follows the young legend’s ascent to fame like an ever-present shadow.


Where to watch: Available to stream on Peacock

Billed as the “epic conclusion of the Jurassic Era,” and the sixth film overall in the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World Dominion is set four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar, as Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), and Maisie Lockwood (Isabella Sermon) are faced with surviving in a brave new world now overrun by genetically resurrected dinosaurs.


Where to watch: Available to stream on HBO Max

Jane Schoenbrun’s 2021 coming-of-age horror drama tells the story of Casey (Anna Cobb), a teenage girl who becomes immersed in a viral role-playing game.

As she begins to notice inexplicable and sinister changes within herself, Casey is forced to confront the possibility of whether all of this is in her head. Think of 2018’s Eighth Grade by way of Marble Hornets.


Where to watch: Available to stream on Paramount Plus

The good-natured animated martial-arts comedy Paws of Fury molds the broad strokes of Mel Brooks’s satirical American Western black comedy Blazing Saddles into the timeless culture of Japan, telling the story of a dog called Hank (Michael Cera) who goes off on a journey to honor his dream of becoming a samurai.


Where to watch: Available to stream on Peacock

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. Features Regina Hall (Scary Movie) and Sterling K. Brown (Hotel Artemis) as Trinitie and Lee-Curtis Childs, the first lady and priest of a Southern Baptist megachurch.

The film is focused on the couple, based on a mockumentary style, as they endure a disaster and tries to rebuild their congregation.


Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

In what looks like a mashup of the 2016 home invasion horror film Don’t Breathe and the 2004 German crime drama The Edukators, Under the Shadow director Babak Anvari’s 2022 crime thriller I Came By centers on a rebellious young graffiti artist (George MacKay) who, after breaking into the house of a prestigious judge (Hugh Bonneville) and discovering a terrible secret, is drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game that threatens both his life and the lives of those dear to him.


Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

This Netflix romantic comedy stars Umbrella Academy’s Tom Hopper and The Vampire Diaries Kat Graham as two people, each intending to go on a solo vacation, who mistakenly double book an Italian villa.


Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

A Brazilian comedy follows a story in which a man who moves to a small-town area for an approaching health crisis takes refuge. Life is unwisely provided to his neighbor, who runs a samba school in the town.


Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

This is a Turkish movie about a generational conflict. It focuses on an estranged father and son who attempt to soften their relationship.


Where to watch: Available to rent for $3.99 on Google Play

The 2021 documentary Blind Ambition follows the stories of Joseph, Tinashe, Marvin, and Pardon, four young men who leave their country of Zimbabwe in search of opportunities elsewhere.

Arriving in South Africa, they become restaurant employees and wind up as sommeliers. Volunteering with the group, the four men grow more committed to becoming the first-generation Zimbabwe team to ever compete in the World Wine Tasting Championships in Languedoc, France. Read more articles on rozyjos.