Craigslist Posting in Multiple Cities – Tips and Tricks to Post the Same Ad

Tips and Tricks to Post the Same Ad in Multiple Cities on Craigslist

Steps to post the same ads in different cities on Craigslist: Craigslist is one of the veteran platforms to post classified ads to get more buyers, grow business quickly, and find service providers and much more. The company operates on some strict guidelines to prevent spamming and possible misuse. However, for some businesses, it is essential to post one ad in multiple cities and locations to reach the target audience. Herein is a guide on how to post an ad to craigslist alongside some simple tips to post the same ad in multiple cities in a problem-free way.

Craigslist Posting in Multiple Cities

Decision to Sign Up an Account or not

This is an important consideration if you want to post the same ad to multiple cities. Craigslist admin closely monitor the account accessibility to prevent any possible misuse by the registered users. You do not need to sign up an account at the website to post the advertisement.

How to Post an Ad on Craigslist

While on the Craigslist website, follow the steps below to post your ad successfully:

  • Visit the link (Based on your IP address location, the admin will direct you to the nearest location page)
  • On the right top of the page, select the country where you want to post your ad
  • Select the city, where you want the ad to be seen by people
  • Click the button- ‘Post to Classifieds
  • Select the relevant ad category
  • Give a proper catchy title to the ad*
  • Enter details- location, price and others
  • Add image (not permissible for all ad posts)
  • Write the post description with as much details as possible
  • Preview the ad post before you agree to publish it
  • Go to accept the terms of use at Craigslist
  • Visit the Publish tab to make your ad visible to the target audience

The post title is the first thing people will see about your ad in the list of similar stuff. Make sure your title is strong, precisely relevant to the content and easy to understand.

How to Post the Same Ad in Multiple Cities

#Tip 1: Change Your Ad Content for Different Locations

Follow the abovementioned steps by choosing the other cities where you want the post to go live on Craigslist. You must change the ad contents especially the description so that the things look different in every city. If you copy and paste the same ad in multiple cities, Craigslist may ban you from using the site for further access. The admin will consider this as a violation of the Craigslist terms of use.

#Tip 2: Use VPN Services and Separate Email Addresses for Each Ad

Craigslist checks your location by tracking the IP address of your device. If your location is different from that in the ad, it may seem to be a violation. You can use the VPN services to spoof the IP address.

Create one email address for each ad location. If you are posting ads in 20 cities, you must specify an email address for each.

Change the description wording to some extent without changing the meaning. You need to have a separate description for each city.

Things to Remember while Posting Ads on Craigslist

Flagging: If the viewers feel that your ad is spammy on Craigslist, they might flag it up. If the site authorities flag your post, the audiences will not find the ad anymore.

Ghost Post: If the Craigslist admin find you posting same ads on multiple cities, they may keep your ad as a Ghost Post. You will be able to see the post but the audiences on the site will not see it.

The Bottom Line,

Craigslist is very particular with the ad posting guidelines to prevent any possible malicious practices. The ad poster must choose any one location per advertisement on the website as per the rules. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to make possible use of the website to post your ads in multiple cities without any complications.

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