Activation: How to Activate Sony Crackle on Laptop

How to Access on Laptop or Computer

Sony Crackle is a video entertainment network which features movies, TV shows and original programs offered for free from Sony. Let’s check how to get and use your account free. The streaming service is available absolutely free which is supported by video ads that run before and during the content. It doesn’t offer any premium option that lets you watch videos without commercials.

Crackle-com Activation

There is no subscription for Crackle, but it rewards those who create their account or login through their Facebook account; the content will have fewer commercials.

You can consider Crackle as a no-cost option to paid subscription services. The content is mainly focused on comedy and action; there is a wide array of movies and shows in these categories. You also find some limited but good contents in other genres too. The comedy shows will make your real laugh! Crackle offers some original shows! You will find some real gems in the library.

How to access Crackle

Crackle can be accessed on almost any of the web enabled devices. You can access it on your phones, tablets, kindle, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, smart TV, PlayStation, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox, PS3 and more. You can access it on computer or laptop through

You need to download a Sony Crackle app on your phones, tablets or TV. When you download the app, you will receive the activation code. Enter the code and it is all set up! You can simply stream videos and watch it.

To Activate Crackle on Your Laptop

It is simple to activate Crackle on your laptop. Following given are the steps on how to activate it:

  • Go to
  • Visit the link ‘Register’.
  • Sign up providing information required.
  • You will receive a link containing activation code. Click the link and activate your account.

You can also connect with your Facebook account.

Once you have sign up for your account, you can login to it anytime to watch or download videos to watch it later on your laptop.

For more information about Sony, refer to the official website.