Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones: Best Contract Deals

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones/Contract

The Boost Mobile was originally inaugurated in Australia and New Zealand by Peter Adderton in 2000. Boost Mobile plans with free phones is a most demand by their users. Today this wireless telecommunications carrier runs two separate networks in the US and Australia. Running on the Sprint network, the carrier proudly retains its name in the top 4 in overall performance of wireless cell phone carriers in the US. If you are planning to switch to any new wireless cell phone services, herein is the Boost Mobile Review offering comprehensive details on the plans, pricing and features to you trust. We will discuss on boost mobile family plans with free phones, contract phone plans and contract deals.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones 2019

Boost Mobile Plans

1. Unlimited Gigs at $50 per Month

This plan offers the best value for the money. Get unlimited 4G LTE data, calls and text facilities including up to 8 gigs mobile hotspot. Enjoy mobile optimized games, video streaming and music. The plan offers unlimited HD streaming facilities for additional cost of $20 per month.

The plan includes international services in Mexico. The users get unlimited calls and texts to and from Mexico in addition to 8GB data roaming. (Available for limited period only)

2. 3 Gigs at $35 per Month

The customers get 3 gigs with unlimited 4G LTE data, text and call facilities per line. The plan offers free music streaming from any station without data consumption. The customers can upgrade for additional lines for just $5/line.

3. Family Plans

The family plans with unlimited gigs, start at $80 per month for two lines. Customers can add extra lines to any of their existing family plan at $30/line per month. For a family plan, the customers can add up to 5 lines at $170/month.

The family plan allows the subscribers to enjoy unlimited calls, texts and 4G LTE data usage. The customers signing up for AutoReboost can save $5 on their monthly expenses.

Additional Services- Optional Add-Ons

International Services

  • Todo Mexico Plus: $5 /month added to your plan costs
  • International Connect Plus: $10/month added to your plan costs
  • International Text Messaging: 10 cents per send text messages (free to receive texts and calls)
  • International Minute Packs: $3/90 days

View the international services plan features and facilities at!/shop/plans/international-services/.

  • Phone Insurance
  • Boost TV
  • CallWatch
  • Boost Dealz

Boost Mobile Network and Performance

Boost running on the Sprint shared network space offers the same coverage and performance. However, the consumers’ reviews reveal that they were able to achieve better quality for texts, data and voice calling facilities much ahead of Sprint.

Where to Purchase the Boost Mobile Compatible Devices

The selective Smartphone devices compatible for using on the Boost Mobile are available at special prices at the Boost official website, RadioShack, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Target. Choosing to buy your handset at Walgreens, CVS or 7-Eleven allows the buyers to add extra credit to their account.

Benefits of Choosing Boost Wireless Cell Phone Carrier

  • Affordable monthly plans
  • The customers receive the same service quality as the Sprint users

Downsides of Using Boost Mobile Services

  • There are no options for using Boost Mobile on Windows and Blackberry devices or tablets
  • The speed and performance of the Sprint network coverage in the area is weak, you will get slow internet speed on your devices
  • Runs only on Boost compatible mobile devices and some selective Sprint phones like the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6

The Bottom Line,

If you are looking for affordable family plans or Boost Mobile plans with free phones 2019, then Boost Mobile is definitely the one to go for considering it is one of the Big Four cell phone carriers in the US. However, you cannot expect the speed and performance as with the power competitors AT&T and Verizon. However, if the Sprint network is very strong in your area the services are good with high-speed data. If you travel too much, it is good to know if the coverage is satisfactory in the regions, you visit too frequently.

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