Best Weather App for Android 2022

Best Weather App for Android

Best Weather App for Android 2022: Will you need snow boots tomorrow? Do you need to carry an umbrella? Accurate weather prediction helps a lot in planning for your day-to-day activities. Here we will discuss what is the best weather app for android. Farmers can plan their planting and harvesting activities by the weather forecast. Airlines need to know about local weather conditions for scheduling flights.

Best Weather App for Android
By knowing about upcoming weather, you can be prepared for it. You can take right decisions about the to-do list, what you can do and what not, whether it is advisable to go a particular place or not, what you can carry with you and so many things. In case of severe weather, you can take precautionary measures and it can keep you away from danger.

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Yes, you can know about weather prediction of a particular place with quite an accuracy on your mobile phone. With modern weather forecasting methods, you can get to know reasonably accurate weather forecast for several days in advance. There are many Android apps available for free. You just have to download and install on your phone. Following mentioned are some of the best weather apps for Android.

Weather App

It’s a simple and very popular weather app available for free. If you want to access the app without ads, you can buy the app for nominal charges of $0.99. It has very interesting features such as daily and hourly weather forecast. You can track weather conditions such as temperature, visibility, wind Speed, UV index, humidity, barometric pressure, dew point, precipitation percentage chance of your current location and get real-time update for any of the location. You can access weather forecast through graphs, maps, videos etc.

AccuWeather Android App

This Android app provides minute-to-minute precipitation forecast for the personalized location such as every street address or GPS location with great accuracy. It forecasts snow, ice, wind, rain or the probability of thunderstorms at locations all over the world. It updates weather every hour for the next twenty-four hours and every day and night weather for the next 15 days in 23 languages. Its prediction is quite reliable and accurate and presents weather conditions through the graph, videos, charts etc.

Eye in the Sky Weather App for Android

This Android app CITC is available for free and is available in pro key version at the very nominal price, pro key removes the advertisement. It provides the simple and clean weather forecast. It has a set of 14 icons; you can add your icons too. The app includes four widgets and you can customize them. It includes current weather, forecasts, and extended forecasts.

Google Now Weather App

Google Now app is very simple and easy app for Android that lets you know today’s weather. You can set for weather alerts and weather updates. It is not the just weather dedicated app and has lots of features and you have to refer to extended weather radar to know about the weather forecast. You can have a quick glance at the weather with help of this app.

GO Weather Forecast and Widgets

GO Weather by GO Launcher EX for Android is very popular and available for free. It provides accurate and future weather information. It provides an entire gambit of features. It provides detailed hourly weather report that includes highest/lowest temperature, “feels like” temperature, humidity, wind, visibility, severe weather alert, sun rise and sunset etc. You can get real-time weather alerts as well as warnings, precipitation forecast displayed through dynamic maps, satellite images and radar.

Weather Bug

It is a free app available for Android from Earth network. You can buy it too if you want to have ad-free version of it. It provides accurate weather forecast, widgets, and alerts for severe weather, sparks lightning alerts, weather and traffic cams etc. It offers enhanced interactive map with more than 16 layers such as Doppler radar, humidity, wind speed, pressure, satellite imaging, and high/low forecast etc.

It provides the accurate picture of the weather at a particular location with the use of over 2,000 weather cameras set across the U.S. Its Live Traffic cams provide you information that can be very helpful to know about traffic conditions.

The Weather Channel

This is a very popular weather app available free for Android. With this app you can know about weather conditions such as temperatures, wind speed, dew point, “feels like” weather, humidity, sunrise and sunset, UV index, pressure and many more. Its radar map shows road or satellite views of snow cover, wind speed etc. You can set for severe weather alerts, rain and snow alert, pollen alert, lightening alert and breaking news alert etc.

Weather Underground

You can get this app for free or for the charge of $1.99 yearly version of it for an ad-free version. It provides tremendous information about weather and you can get to know about current weather condition, severe weather alerts, interactive satellite and radar maps etc. It is recognized as the world’s most accurate hyper-local weather predictions. It provides 10 days forecast and provides the number of interesting features.

YoWindows Weather

This weather app for Android is also available for free. If you want the app with the removed ad, you can buy it at $2.98. It is a unique app and simulates real life while displaying actual weather conditions. You can just swipe the screen and scroll the time forward to see how the weather will change throughout the day. It follows landscape change and you will feel it so handy to use the app.

Yahoo Weather

The app is available for free and offers the stunning feature to know about weather conditions. It provides very accurate weather forecasts with interactive radar, satellite, heat and wind maps. You can set for different weather alerts. You can swipe for detailed weather information very easily.

To conclude, keep yourself updated with latest weather conditions and keep yourself informed with weather alerts. You can use any of the apps mentioned above to get accurate weather details, it will help you for making various decisions.

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