How to Use Best Retirement Planning Calculator of American Funds

Calculate Funds on Retirement Planning Calculator:

Everybody worries about retirement and tries to make plans so they can be financially safe and independent after retirement. American Funds understands needs of the people and has designed a Retirement Planning Calculator that help the customers to figure out how much they should save for retirement and to decide on whether their current financial planning is well with the time or not. Here we will get help on how to use site. Anybody can use this calculator to analyse the factors relevant to his or her retirement and can have a general figure. The results will also guide you about the involving aspects for which you should pay attention to while planning for your retirement.

Calculate Funds on Retirement Planning Calculator

To use the Retirement Planning Calculator, one visits the company website and asks for it online. It provides a very easy, smart, secure way to help you plan about how much money you need to save for your retirement. The online process is very easy and hardly takes a few minutes online, and you get number of charts showing you all the analysis.

About American Funds

American Funds is a family of 33 mutual fundsManagement Company. It is being managed by Capital Research and Managementwhich is subsidiary of the Capital Group Companies. The American fund is the third largest fund. It provides many tools to help managing the funds. The Retirement Planning Calculator is one of the very useful and widely used management tools prepared by American Funds. The American Funds strives to provide customers with best service and tools with a view to help them manage their financial needs and plan for better future. The company does not advertise publicly but rely on brokers’ recommendations.

How to Use the Retirement Planning Calculator Provided by American Funds?


  1. You must have a computer with internet access.

Step-By-Step Process

  1. Visit the website at Provide all your background information, including year of birthday, current annual salary before taxes and current federal tax bracket.
  2. Choose a type of the calculator, quick analysis or detailed analysis. Enter your detailed information as specified.
  3. You just waitfor a few minutes, and you will see the results come out.
  4. For more information about American Funds retirement plans, please refer to the official website.