www.bhhc.com: Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

www.bhhc.com: Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

www.bhhc.com: Are you looking for the best insurance company offering secure and reliable coverage? Let’s check Berkshire Hathaway Homestate company’s MNP list, review, and Bhhc.com agent login.

Well, before looking into the insurance products, it is worth considering the reputation of the provider company and its performance that matters the most for every customer. Herein is an overview of Berkshire Hathaway Insurance so that you find the best product and information on the essential facts.

www.bhhc.comAbout Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies is a group of six insurance companies operating together as the premier multinational holding venture. BHHC emerged as a brand name in the insurance business soon after its inauguration in 1967 under the proactive supervision of Warren Buffet, CEO of the company.

The organization’s headquarters located in Omaha has individual sub-companies providing various insurance products that offer comprehensive coverage and financial protection.

Today BHHC has 70 national and international insurance companies regulating business operations in major countries including the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, etc. Berkshire Hathaway ranks 4th in the Fortune’s List of Most Admired Companies in the world standing at the ace position in the Insurance P&C industry.


Berkshire Hathaway created a landmark acquisition in 1996 by incorporating GEICO and its subsidiaries under its trademark.

The notable subsidiaries of GEICO include GEICO the General Insurance Company, Casualty Company, Indemnity Company, and most importantly the GEICO Government Employees Insurance Company. Today GEICO has emerged as the prime name in offering auto insurance policies for private passengers across all 50 US states including the District of Columbia.

Berkshire Hathaway Assurance

Berkshire Hathaway Assurance Company was established to sell Government bond insurances encompassing state and municipality bonds. These bonds are not for individual or corporate coverage. These bonds are issued by the local administrative authorities for funding different public works such as the construction of roads, railways, hospitals, government educational institutes, etc.

Accreditation and Ratings

BBB Accredited Business

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies is accredited by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (BBB). The company has maintained A+ ratings ever since its accreditation in 1981 by the virtue of quality services and outstanding insurance solutions in the business.

A.M. Best has affirmed the A++ rating to the BHHC for maintaining a spontaneous track record in performance and financial strength. Standard & Poor’s has also affirmed A++ ratings to the company for long-term counterparty credit ratings and financial strength.

BHHC Insurance Policies

Commercial Automobile Insurance

BHHC commercial auto insurance mainly offers coverage to trucks in transportation companies, chartered vehicles, and public transport. The company also offers Public Auto policies offering additional liability protection to organizations like limousine and other vehicle rental companies, churches, and others offering passenger transportation.

Commercial Property Insurance

BHHC property insurance offers coverage to real estate properties, hotels, rental buildings, etc. Commercial property insurance coverage is not available for real estate properties based in the states of Florida, Texas, and Hawaii.

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage

The insurance coverage for workers includes provisions for medical treatment, loss control, compensation for injured workers, and associated costs.

Public Entity Coverage

The BHHC offers public entity coverage to commercial buildings for law enforcement liabilities, building ordinances, and other similar purposes in Midwest across cities, non-metropolitan locations, rural areas, and counties.

Filing Insurance Claims at BHHC

BHHC has a 24×7 accessible Claim Center to process claims from customers. Contact the Claim Center authorities online on the official website https://www.bhhc.com/ or you can directly call for support on the following hotline numbers:

800-661-6029: For Worker’s Compensation coverage

800-356-5750: For Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Public Entity coverage

Final Verdict

Berkshire Hathaway is a reliable company to find commercial and government bond insurance products considering its financial stability and business reputation. The company does not have any major complaints or issues pertaining to claims complications in any of the consumer complaint forums or other websites. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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