Become a Paralegal: Best Certificate Programs Online Courses

Become a Paralegal: Best Certificate Programs Online Courses

Become a Paralegal: Paralegal is a work field where you work as an assistant to a lawyer for various legal works being carried out in his office. Many people have common questions like, how to become a certified paralegal, how long to become a paralegal, and required qualifications, etc.

There are different types of work to perform and it depends on the firm, In smaller firms, different work is carried out in a single form. In a large firm, there are different assistants to do specific work. Paralegals do much responsible work held by lawyers, but however, they cannot present a case in court or offer legal advice.

Become a Paralegal

Usually, paralegal work includes

  • Legal research to be carried out
  • Investigation of the facts for a given case
  • Meeting with clients to discuss case details as well as taking notes of client interviews
  • Preparing and maintain legal documents such as affidavits
  • To assist lawyers in organizing exhibits for attending trials and depositions
  • Filing pleading with the court for a case.

What is the Qualification Required for Paralegals?

There are degree paralegal studies associate degree programs offered through many colleges. Some of the colleges offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in paralegal studies. Educational programs for paralegal work in the US are approved by the American Bar Association.

However, only 25-30% of associate and bachelor’s degree programs are ABA-approved. Entirely online degree programs are not approved by ABA as it requires at least ten semester hours of the course to be taken in a traditional classroom.

Some law-house even hires people with no degree in paralegal or no work experience. They provide them with on-the-job training. Though there are no universal qualifications required for it, you are more likely to be hired if you have a relevant degree in paralegal work.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs for paralegal are short-term programs and can be completed in a few months. People who have associate or bachelor’s degrees in another area prefer to take certificate programs. Usually, it includes a fixed number of college hours as well as experience in the specific field of law and includes coursework related to paralegal work only.

Degree Programs

Degree programs include basic courses in subjects such as English, maths, science, and social studies and required coursework for paralegals. Master’s degree programs are also offered, but generally not required for paralegal work. It takes about two years to complete an associate program, whereas three years to complete a degree program.

How much can Paralegals Earn?

Paralegals can earn a decent salary, though they cannot earn as much as lawyers. It also depends on the state where you work. A paralegal working in a metropolitan area makes more. Your work experience is also a deciding factor for the salary.

Where can Paralegals Work?

According to the reports, some areas of the US state have more jobs for paralegals. Some of the states such as Florida, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Connecticut, West Virginia, etc. have a higher concentration of paralegal jobs. According to the national survey of private firms, there are more jobs and it is about 63%. Banks, hospitals, insurance companies, etc. offer about 20% of the jobs.

If you love challenging work and have an aptitude for legal work, you can consider a career in paralegal work. You can take appropriate course programs, or even directly opt for on-job training without an official degree and make your future with good earnings. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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