Battery Optimization Setting Android

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Battery Optimization Setting Android

Battery Optimization Setting Android: Nowadays almost all people tend to use the Android smartphone. It’s one of the most popular OS on the smartphone. You can do anything like surfing, downloading, and browsing but there is one thing for which all people are getting worried and it’s about the save battery power of your Android device.

There are so many advanced features of Android mobile phones but it causes the battery to drain in a quick manner. Whenever an android device’s battery is reached 20 to 25 percent you tend to stop using your battery-draining apps and try to consume less battery.

You always think to charge its battery instantly or keep an extra battery along with you. However, you can stop your android device battery from draining just by following the steps provided below.

Steps are prescribed below that will save your android device battery, follow them, and save battery power.

Best way to save battery power on Android

  • Generally, we get out of our home we tend to charge fully our android device because it consumes more when we are using 3G, Wi-Fi, playing online games, etc. When the battery is fully charged we don’t worry much. But when it becomes low we think about it and what to do to save it and run for long-lasting. There are so many tips to keep your Android battery power as provided below.
  • When your Android device screen is giant it consumes more battery power. It doesn’t mean that you will never use your smartphone. First of all, you should have to manage the brightness of your device screen. When you don’t need much brightness or you use it in a dark area you have to decrease the brightness to the level which you can feel comfortable with it. Thus, you can save much battery power on your android device by decreasing screen brightness.
  • The second tip to save your battery power is to turn off your mobile data if you don’t require it more like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc. All these wireless mobile data consume more battery power. Therefore turn off them whenever you don’t need them, it will save your battery power.
  • One of the best ways to save battery consumption is to use Wi-Fi instead of using your mobile data. It will consume more battery power than Wi-Fi. Therefore, if it is possible to access the internet via Wi-Fi then, do so. It will save your battery consumption.
  • Please remove the setting of automatically syncing files. Most of the time there is a default setting for syncing the data. It is recommended that set it as manually as it would save the battery power.
  • Remember that after using an application it should be closed if you don’t need it more. Don’t leave the application running in the background if you want to save your android device battery long-lasting.
  • Use the flight mode whenever you are traveling by air as it saves your battery power.
  • Many a time it happens that some applications consume much more battery power. So always avoid those kinds of apps before using them know about them very well.
  • In these ways, you can save the battery power of your android device by following the tips provided above. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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