AT&T GoPhone Login and Activation – Refill Card Customer Service Number

GoPhone login, activation, plan and refill card customer service

AT&T GoPhone Activation: In earlier times when telephone service was just started, it was not possible to afford by everyone. As the service was newly innovated, charges to use the service were quite high. Here we will discuss on AT&T GoPhone Login and refill card customer service phone number.

AT&T GoPhone customer service

Today, the scenario gets totally changed. In fact, after the mobile concept came in the market, landline phone service using less by people. However, still home telephone service is there and people use that too. But the mobile service or say wireless service is become a part of the routine life of people.

Let’s check AT&T GoPhone Login to My Account guide. The number of users of wireless service is growing day by day. Well, it is very easy and simple to use this service but the service provider also matters. It is very important that the network area of the wireless service provider you are selecting is good or not? Is everywhere network availability is there or not?

All these parameters are very important to while selecting the right wireless service provider. Same way the product or say wireless phone should be goon in quality. However there are different plans offered by the service provider. All you need to choose the best plan as per your requirements and affordability. We also check ATT My GoPhone activation help.

The wireless device is also known as prepaid mobile phone. Where you can refill the amount whenever need. To make your selection easy of prepaid mobile phone, we are suggesting you one name here. Name of the brand is AT&T GoPhone. Let’s start knowing what GoPhone is actually and how it works. See the following details for the same.

About GoPhone:

It is actually AT&T GoPhone. It is the brand name of prepaid mobile phone service from that completely owned subsidiary of AT&T Inc. Well; AT&T does not require any introduction as it’s one of the very popular names of telecommunication services. Same way GoPhone is a well known name in wireless telecommunications industry. Mobile telephony is the main product of GoPhone. Headquarter of the company is located in the United States. Company serves its services mainly in the United States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands of the United States.

The founder of the company Craig McCaw has give name GoPhone in year 1987. McCaw Cellular was the parent company of GoPhone from 1987 to 1994 and Craig McCaw was the founder of it as well. In year 1995, GoPhone is acquired by At & T Inc. The GoPhone brand name is still in use even after “Cingular” renamed itself “AT&T Mobility”.

Here we will see how one can activate GoPhone device as well as how to log in GoPhone account to manage online.

So let’s start with how to activate GoPhone device.

How to activate GoPhone from AT & T?

Here below we have explained the steps for activating GoPhone device with details and screenshots. However it is necessary that before activating you first buy the SIM. If you have already bought then you are all set to activate it. Just go through the following steps for the same.

  • Very first you have to go to activation page on the official website
  • On activation page, you will ask to enter your ICCID that you can view on the back of your SIM. Take a look at below snapshot for more idea.

AT&T GoPhone plan

  • After entering ICCID press on “continue” that will take you to the next page that will look alike,

AT&T GoPhone planv

  • Here on this page you will ask to enter ZIP code and IMEI.
  • On the next page of it you will ask to enter personal information where a valid email id is mandatory, all other fields are optional.

AT&T GoPhone refill card

  • As you will move on, you will ask to choose rate plan, your device type etc.
  • Once you successfully entered all asked details, at last press on “Submit” button and it will show you the activation status.

AT&T GoPhone plan

So, it is very easy and simple to activate your GoPhone in just few steps. Now, we will see how one can manage GoPhone account online.

How to Log in GoPhone?

On the official website of AT & T, GoPhone customers can log in with your 10-digit wireless number and your 4-digit password.

Wireless account log in

AT&T GoPhone

Being a GoPhone customer all you have to do is to enter your 10 digits wireless number in user ID and 4 digit password and then press on “Log In” button.

If you wish to remember your Log In details on the device you are using, you can check “save User ID”. It is recommended not to check this option if you are on a public computer.

In case you forgot or lost your log in details, you can take help of the link “Forgot User ID or Password?” to retrieve the same.

Online management of your GoPhone account saves time. You can easily check your balance, add a package and can do many more with this.

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