Apply for PBS Antiques Roadshow Tour Tickets 2022

Antiques Roadshow Tickets from PBS

PBS Antiques Roadshow Tour Tickets 2022: PBS, a well known company is currently organizing a summer 2017 Tour across the United States for the hit British television program. The same is named as Antiques Roadshow. Here we will discuss on PBS antiques roadshow tour tickets.

Visitors of the PBS website can get a chance to get the free tickets to attend this show when it comes to their city by applying for them online.

Be sure that the Ticket winners are chosen at random and your chances of winning the ticket are not affected by how early or late you apply for a ticket. To applying for a ticket, the fee is zero.

If you are a fan of the Hit British show Antiques Roadshow from PBS, then you can apply the tickets of same for free. Simply apply for your ticket at the official website.

How can you apply for PBS Antiques Roadshow Summer 2022 Tour Tickets?

We are required with

  • A computer with active internet access is required.
  • To apply for the tickets, you must be legal resident of the United States of America or Canada.
  • You must be of age 18 years or old to enter into same process.
  • Be sure that you are not an employee or not be related to an employee of PBS.

Step By Step Guide

  • Switch on the computes.
  • Double click on the browser you want to work with.
  • Now to visit the website of PBS, enter the address of same on the address bar present on the browser, the link is
  • Now, when the page gets opened, you simply scroll down the page to the section marked with, “Apply for Your 2017 Summer Tour Tickets!” and then click on the button marked with “Continue.”
  • Now you need to click on the button marked with the name of “Apply For Tickets Now.”
  • Before heading to the next step, read through the rule and reminders of the same and then click on the button marked with “Begin.”
  • Now here is the time you need to enter the details of the event you wish to join. Be sure to choose the event time and event wisely.
  • After last step, enter your personal information into the required fields.
  • Tick the box to indicate that you are eligible to apply for tickets and that you have read and agreed to the Complete Rules and Regulations.
  • Click on the button marked, “Continue.”
  • Complete the rest of the process by following the Instructions. Read more articles on rozy jos.

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