Get Netflix Xbox 360 New Activate Code – Help for Activation Problems


Netflix Xbox 360 New Activate Code

This device includes Computer, Sony Play station 3, Microsoft Xbox. One can watch a number of movies online on any of the above device, condition one need to activate the device on Netflix. If one has to watch movies on Xbox, you need to activate the device through your Netflix account and then the Xbox will provide the activation code which one has to enter into Netflix account and if you wish to connect Xbox to a different account, one needs to have a new activation code. The customer can check more details on the official website.

Let see the way to activate the Netflix on Xbox and to get the new activation code.

Way to Activate Netflix on Xbox

First on the power of your Xbox360 and then click the icon stating “Video Marketplace”.

Now click the Netflix icon where you will be directed to download Netflix and once the download is completed then sign in to Netflix by providing your email address and password and there you will find activation code

Go to the Netflix activation page on your computer or on your device and there click the icon stating “continue Xbox360 activation” and provide the activation code which you have received on your screen previously and then click the “Activate” tab and then you will find the content via your Xbox360.

Way to Get a New Xbox Activation Code

Do the power on of your Xbox console and then sign in to your Xbox Game tag

Now  visit the video marketplace page and there click the icon stating “Netflix” and then device will ask whether you already have Netflix account so as you are Holding the Netflix account  click  “Yes I am”

Now there on that web page click the icon stating “I need a new code” in order to get the new activation code and in return, you will receive the new activation code with which you can activate Netflix.

Important Notes:

To get new activation code you need to first deactivate the old activation code

Netflix activation code is valid for an hour and thereafter you have to create the new activation code.

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