Blu Ray Players with Netflix Streaming – How to View or Upgrade

Netflix offers it subscriber numbers of vides of Movies and TV shows episode at their door step. There are different ways where one can get the Disc. One way of getting Blu-ray Discs of their favorite movie at their door step is by mail and another one is streaming videos. If one is having Blu-ray player then he can stream the videos easily. Numbers of Blu-ray player which help to stream videos is provided by the Netflix and one can easily connect in few minutes there Blu-ray player to watch their favorite movies.

Way to View Netflix on a Blu-ray player

In order to view Netflix on blu-Ray player one need to have...

Composite or HDM cables

Ethernet Cable

If you are having Blu-ray disc which you have received through mail in order to watch movie then connect the HDMI or composite cable from Blu-ray player to the television and then insert the Blu-ray Discs into the Blu-ray player and then press the play button to watch movie.

If you want to stream video via internet then follow the following procedure...

Press the on button to on the power of Blu-ray player and TV in order to connect the Blu-ray player with Internet.

Now connect the Ethernet cable with the Blu-ray player and then find the network on your device and provide the password to start the connection  to access Netflix.

Open the homepage of Netflix on your Blu-ray player which is connected with Internet and provide the activation code.

Once the activation code is recognized, your device will get activate and thereafter you can stream movies via Blu-ray player.

Way to upgrade Netflix to Blu-ray

With the passage of time and with the new application Netflix also started to provide Blu-ray disc to all its subscriber, one just need to make some changes in their account setting and they can start getting Blu-ray Disc.


Visit the homepage of there on the right side of the web page click the icon stating “Your account and help”.

There click the icon “Add Blu-ray” under to menu “Blu-ray access”.

Now just go through the information given there about the extra surcharges and different subscription plan.

Choose your subscription plan and click the box stating “I want blu-ray added automatically” or else Netflix will ask you every time when you add movie to your queue  to choose between DVD and Blu-ray.

Now finally click the “Add blu-ray” icon to complete the procedure.

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