How to Install Netflix Plugin Plex – Way to Disable SB Titles in Plex Player


Netflix Plugin Plex and Plex Player

If you fond of watching movies at home then Netflix is the best option for you as the company offers its subscriber numbers of Movies and TV shows DVDS on rental basis and you can access this system on different devices and watch movie by sitting at home in a more convenient way.

You can access Netflix on Plex which is a media library application which is for your desktop or for your mobile device. This allow its users to listen and to watch videos and this is specially design for Mac computer. you can also add or remove any file name if it is not in use Now to access Netflix on Plex he needs to do this with Plug-in(Here Plug –in works only with Mac OS X) and once you plug-in, you can access this system very easily and watch available movies and TV shows on Plex.

Way to Add Netflix to Plex

To add Netflix one just need to have Mac OS X.

If you can access Netflix in your web then you have Silver light installed in your device or else install the Microsoft  Silverlight Plug-in on your Mac by visiting Silverlight website where you can double click the download “Silverlight.pkg” file.

Now visit the website of Netflix and open the Homepage on Plex Online website or else click “Plex Online” to open website.

To install click the icon “Install Netflix Into Plex” on that page and there go to the Video library and select “Netflix” to use it.

Way to remove a Name in Plex

Power on your plex device and then go to the plex applications menu  and select “Application “ icon.

Now just go through the application and find the name you want to remove.

Press “c” to go into the secondary click menu.

Choose “remove source” to remove the name in plex.

Way to Disable SB titles in Plex Player

Power on your computer and open the Plex media  Center.

There press the “play” button so that “on screen Display” will appear.

Now click the “Audio Setting” menu in the “On screen Display”.

Now put the “Subtitles” on the “Audio Settings” menu and click to turn off.

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