How to Stream or Install Netflix to Boxee on a Mac to Watch

Netflix is very well known for providing DVDs of Movies and TV shows episodes on rental basis to its subscriber and they can stream videos from Netflix on number of devices as per their convenience.

Way to Watch Netflix on a Mac

Visit the website of Netflix and create account with Netflix and then purchase a Netflix subscription plan at Netflix.

Now Connect the internet with your Mac and see to it that Internet should maintain broadband speed of 500 KBPS.

Now open the website of Netflix on Mac and sign in to you account and go to the movies or TV shows under  “watch Instantly” icon.

Press “play”  and wait till the loading procedure of movie is completed  to your Mac and once the loading is completed you can watch your favorite movie of Netflix on Mac.

Way to stream Netflix on a Mac

In order to stream Netflix on a Mac you need to download Silverlight software to your Mac.

Go to the And download the latest version of Silverlight  and “Silverlight.dmg” will be downloaded.

Now look at your download folder and double click the icon stating “Silverlight.dmg” and then window will appear with the file name “silerlight.pkg”.

Again  double click  the same file and complete the installation procedure and go through the license  agreement and click “continue button and there you have to provide the Mac user password.

Enter your password and click ok and

Now visit the website of Netflix at and sign in to your account.

Click the icon “watch instant” and find the movie you want to watch and click “play” button and once the loading of the movie is over the movie will start working.

Way to Install Netflix to Boxee on a Mac

Sign in to your Boxee account on the website.

Now open the Boxee’s  Netflix page at

New web page will open in which you have to provide some of your information and then click “Authorize” and get your Netflix account register with Boxee.

Now open your Boxee and in the search bar enter Netflix and then follow the instruction given their in order to complete the installation procedure and then start streaming Netflix Library from the Boxee.

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